1 inch How Many CM

Convert 1 inch to cm
Convert 1 inch to cm

hi everyone welcome back to my channel tonight I’m going to show you how to convert one inch in to centimeter so the question is simply 1 inch = how many centimeter. all right let’s start with the formula so this is the formula of the conversion between inch to centimeter so one inch equals two point five four centimeters all right that’s the point that’s the formula as well as the answer that you need but we not stop only this far.

1 inch = 2.54 cm

let’s make a question. so for example I want to know how many centimeter is ten inch so I want to convert an inch in to centimeter. all right, let’s go to the answer section first let’s just write again the question ten inch equals how many centimeter and then let’s write again the formula from which I just showed you before so one inch equals two point five four centimeter, all right so here is the first step I mean this is the way you answer the question first you need to write down the formula from here to here right.

so this is exactly the same the blue color of the text and then so because the question is ten inch equals how many centimeter all you have the number is only this number so in the right side you don’t have a number here this is the question actually so you want to know what is the answer of this right so all you need to do is to put ten in the left side of the equal sign and another ten in the right side of the equal sign so you multiply that ten with one inch and then you multiply that 10 again with 2.54 centimeter and here is the answer 10 inch equals 25.4 centimeters.

all right that’s all that’s the answer thank you for watching if you have any further question you wanna ask so anything just ask me in the comment section I hope I can give you a better explanation all right that’s all see you again in the next video bye-bye

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