160 CM in Feet

160 CM in Feet
160 CM in Feet

160 CM in Feet.

Question :
160 cm = .. ft ?

Formula :
1 cm = 1/30.48 ft

Solution :
160 x 1 cm = 1/30.48 ft x 160
160 cm = 160/30.48 ft
160 cm = 5.24 ft

all right everyone welcome back to my video today I want to show you how to comfort 160 centimeter to feet okay so before we answer the question we need to know the formula first one centimeters this is the formula 1 centimeters equals zero point three nine three seven zero one inch and then just write the question 160 centimeters equals how many feet okay

and then this is the answer section first just write down the question again 160 centimeters equals how many feet and then that that just write that question again that formal again 1 centimeters equals zero point three nine three seven or one inch all right now

this is how you solve the problem this is the the method that you need to understand first you need to write down the equation again the formula again 1 centimeters equals this number okay and then you multiply one centimeter with 160 and this number with one 160 as well okay maybe you ask me maybe you wanted us

why I multiply both numbers with 160 the reason why I did it is speakers the only number I have from from the question is 160 so if you want to know how many feet in 160 centimeters then you need to put 160 in the left and put 160 in right side as well

and in a multiplied with any fellow next to it in this case the formula is one centimeter so we multiplied 161 centimeters and 160 with this number all right very easy now 100 see times one centimeters equals 160 centimeters exactly the same with the question right

and then 160 times this number equals 60 2.99 to one inch very very easy hi thank you so much for watching this video before you close this video please subscribe by clicking this button and if you find this video is pretty helpful then don’t forget

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